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Conceptual Forecast collection

Lantal's design team analyzes the mega- and micro-trends in society, design, and civil aviation. The insights derived from these trendscouting activities are distilled into Lantal's Trendletter. This is used to define style vectors for aircraft cabin interiors. They constitute the points of departure for the development of the Conceptual Forecast collection's seat cover fabrics, leathers, carpets, and curtains. The collection can be deployed in different travel classes.

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Unique and authentic

Minimal forms and textures reduced to the essentials with maximum aesthetics shape the world of Genuine Matter design.

Optical illusion

Reality and virtuality are skillfully combined in Transcendent Reality. These designs give the cabin interiors a trend-setting look.

Playful and poetic

The design world of Fairy Tale is defined by playful and floral patterns that seem to be combined almost randomly.