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On an ongoing basis, our in-house laboratories test flammability, toxicity, smoke density, pilling, wear, abrasion, colorfastness and many other parameters. The test facilities are also available to third-party customers.

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Lab services: Aircraft

  • In connection with the Production Organziation Approval (POA), Lantal's lab was audited by the FOCA.
  • Besides the flammability tests according to FAR / CS 25.853 App. F Part I, II, IV and V for aircraft interior materials, we have the equipment for many other tests as well.
  • The combination of approval pursuant to EASA Part 21 J of Lantal’s subsidiary ASI and the approval of Lantal pursuant to EASA Part 21 G makes it possible to manufacture various parts for refurbishment, retrofits and OEM projects as well a pneumatic components and to deliver such items with an EASA Form 1.
  • Lantal’s in-house independent laboratory is accredited as a center for fire tests pursuant to ISO/IEC 17025. This approval allows the lab to conduct fire tests listed in the scope of accreditation on materials and components used in aircraft cabines.
  • In December 2021 our independent lab has received the Nadcap accreditation in Non Metallic Materials Testing with the scope Flammability. NADCAP stands for ‘the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program’. Nadcap is a global cooperative accreditation program for aerospace engineering, defense and related industries.

    The strict certification program is the highest standard in materials testing. The Nadcap program ensures that a company knows and applies the rules of the industry, as well as whether processes are used transparently and efficiently.

  • Flammability test - as per specification FAR/CS 25.853, App. F, Part I, 12 or 60 sec. vertical, horizontal, 45˚ test for cargo compartments
  • Flammability test for upholstery of complete seats  - as per specification FAR/CS 25.853, App. F, Part II
  • Smoke test – as per specification Airbus Directives (ABD 0031) or Boeing Specification (BSS 7238)
  • Toxicity test – as per specification ABD 0031 or BSS 7239
  • Heat release rate (OSU test), smoke – as per specification FAR/CS 25.853, App. F, Part IV/V
  • And many more – for example: Carpet wear test, peel test, abrasion resistance, electrostatic propensities, pilling, colorfastness, perspiration, dry cleaning, rubbing, etc.
  • In connection with the Design Organisation Approval our CVEs are able to witness your tests